CDs & Stereo

Modern style shelf to help you organize your CDs & display your stereo in an extra trey that looks awesome, also you can use the top to hold the speakers!


Running alarm clock!

It's no joke! This alarm clock runs away beeping to get you out of bed!! Brilliant idea :)
& here is a Youtube link to see it in action!
To buy one of those clocks CLICK HERE

Carve your own card

Awww! So cute! A blank wooden post card that you can carve on the front side & write on the other!
To buy one click the

Happy 50th Anniversary

The famous egg chair is now 50 years old! & came back to us with a great new look!!! WOW ; It looks sexy with it's chocolate color suede back & leather front!! Happy 50th Mr. egg chair & congratulations to Fritz Hansen

Ladies only ;)

Valentine's day is coming to town!! think about what you will wear? Please don't go for red please please please don't... it's so wrong in so many ways that I don't know where to begin!
Here is a selection of what the look should be like - in short: think classy, playful & modern.


Titania Suspension Lamp

Whats great about this lamp , is that you can change the shade according to the theme of the place, by just inserting few slices of transparent colored sheets!

Before & After - again :)

Look at this link to guide you through the transformation of this room


Look at what I found :)

Do you remember the above items? I posted them up here earlier, & what a thrill when I found them right in front of me!!! Wow! What ever I wrote about them is not enough! they are all amazing!

*First photo is for the Ghost Chair by Stark : I sat on it every morning to have my breakfast & it was so comfortable & beautifully designed with lots of simple details & curves - I LOVE IT

*Second photo is for the Maui Chair by Terry Dwans : I've seen it behind glass & couldn't touch it :( but it looks so good & you can see the details of the giant wood clearly - so good

*Third & Fourth photo, my personal favorite the Fatboy Chair - you can buy it from Design Public : OH MY GOD! as soon as you sit on this colorful cushion you sink right in - it's like it hugs you - I'm buying one of those soon ;)

*The last photo is for Venini Colorful Vases : done by Murano glass - again , very beautiful

******** & the design posts continues - Glad to be back ;)


To all

to all the visitors of my blog
I first would like to thank you all for taking the time to visit here & comment.

when I started this blog , i didn't think that I will receive guests from all over the world, or offers to advertise for products from designers & big companies (that i didn't accept) ! I only thought that I'm finally studying something that I love so I would work hard for it & will keep looking for more information on the web to do better & better, so I started archiving every thing I found interesting to me in this little blog. Now it became to some of you a "daily fix" as how one visitor put it! & I'm so over the moon happy for that :)

So, I'm going to ask all of you to help me make this blog better - I'm going to be away for a while & will leave this post up here so everybody can comment & advice or just say hey ;)
All kinds of comments & suggestions are welcome (just keep in mind that this blog will stay about design)

Good luck!

Maha The Diva ;)


Bring color to winter

Everybody goes with the safe choice of Black, White or Tan when it comes to jackets! That's why I LOVE the design of this one from Marc Jacobs, It's classy & timeless ,but also gives a splash of color needed in winter. Next time you go shopping think about color, color & more color ;)


Radiator designs

In search of a modern design radiator? Look no further!


Gucci Chair

Genuine leather club chair designed by Gucci
I like it because it looks simple yet it's very difficult to make! The flow, the material, the stitches & the balance is very hard to design! Great work Gucci :)



COOL twist :) Great way to save space & also have a new look to the shower corner in your bathroom
Thank you Hani for sending me those cool links Xx




What a beautiful idea to cover your walls with! you can put up all kinds of pictures & paintings around you & not worry about breaking the theme in your room! It would look fabulous on one wall , like an entrance or a hallway!
I truly love it