Hot Hug

This adorable bear by John Lewis is actually used as a hot bottle! his tummy is removable & can be heated in a microwave!!!! .... Great for winter time
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Fedex VS UPS = ouch!

Fedex smart move ;)
Click the photo to enlarge & see what Fedex are shipping...

Mademoiselle Etro

Philippe Starck Is with no doubt, one of the best interior designer in the world..his work is so beautiful & timeless.. take few moments & visit his great web site to see his full collection

Laptop Bag

ُExecutive & fashionable laptops


Funny designs

When good designers go mad, they keep designing till they drop :)

Real Phone!

Do you remember those phones? I love them...they were gone for a long time, but they are back now with a twist , classy colors, lighter materials & new buttons :) enjoy
Link to buy

New from Dior

Dior lip gloss necklace ...Very practical & so lovely:)
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While I was in Hong Kong , the city was celebrating with dots! Dots obsession - Soul of Pumpkin : is an open air exhibition for the fantastic Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama

Photos taken by yours truly :)


& I'm back ;) with a Black Sheep!

I missed you so much & happy to be back :)
I found many many interesting things that I would love to share with you all .. where to start?! Fashion? Interior design? Gift ideas? Clever designers? ... let's see

My most favorite thing in the world is Art , so I found this great book while browsing about an artist / designer from Hong Kong ; Carrie Chau she is so talented & I LOVED her work. The colors & objects she is drawing are very warm & alive ... I specially loved her famous Black Sheep!

you can see more of her work when you click here


Traveling for business

going on a business trip
leaving tomorrow (inshalla)
1 week & I'll be back ;)

see you all soon



Cool gifts in Bahrain

That is one of many cool items available at Palace Enterprises .. I proudly say that I work in this company & very happy to be responsible of selecting those lovely gifts from around the world & bringing them here in Bahrain :)
For about 3 months , a web designer & I were working hard to launch a new & stylish company website ... & we finally finished :)
We still need to upload more images & correct some bits & pieces ,but overall it looks GREAT ..

Click here to check it out

For Fun!

Do you remember those? well , I do.. They came in shapes of clowns, ducks, cars & many more .. My friends & I used to race them at school ;) Ahh the old days ... Any way, they are back with deferent design but same idea...Perfect office toy :)
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Vintage from France

I think that this item is the most beautiful item i've posted in this blog so far!
I present to you the 1930's French Mirror Vanity & Stool
I can't say any thing about this piece of art & history! It specks about it's self!
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Happy Eid عيد سعيد

To all my family & friends , I wish you a happy eid
w 3asakom min 3wadah