Diane von Furstenberg’s New Fabrics for the Home


Hi :)

So,,, I've been away for a whhhile now & I must say that I miss blogging here .. Thankfully I have a great record of fantastic finds in this blog, so followers kept checking the links, sending me emails & stayed connected ;) As you probably knew from my last post that I opened a shop "Diva's Touch Boutique" & I've been super busy setting things up. Now that I finally got the chance, I will resume browsing through the interior world, fashion world & more to post my finds in here again :) but first: I wanna thank each & everyone of you, for keeping in touch & second: I want to introduce something new to this blog & make it more "Bahraini" .. I don't know how I'll do so yet, but stay tuned anyway to find out :)

The photo attached is a start to this feel & I dedicated to you all my friends, its a street sign that i adore in Muharraq "Where my shop is located" I see it everyday & smile .. it says (Smile, You are in Muharraq).. so lets begin with a smile shall we ?! :)