Happy New Year 2008

To all my friends & family I wish you a very happy new year 2008
My fluffy friend Lulu sends you a miaow too :)

Blooming Light!

This incredible light designed according to the lamp temperature. It closes when it's cold & opens when it's hot.
Lovely idea & looks beautiful too

Forever calender

With this nifty calender on your desk , you will not need to buy one every year! It's simple , clear & basically will live for ever!


End of the year roundup

End of the year roundup for my beloved blog, here I give you my favorite collection of designer chairs that I've posted in 2007.

Now that I see them all together , I still think that I need some more :)


Roche Sofa

I love the fabric on that sofa. Again, Roche Bobois designs ;)


Delightful COACH!

Very cute collection from Coach! I don't normally like their style, but I do like this design :)
By the way; COACH shop in Bahrain don't advertise if they have SALE on their items, so I am doing that for YOU my friends :) They do have great prices now on limited edition bags including a huge python leather one of a kind bag! Price was above BD 600 & now BD 400!! go get it, it's fabulous ;)
LINK to the official site.

Cute Water Bottle

I liked the floral design on them, it reminded me of the chinees hand painted vases !


Endless Possibilities

The new transparent concretes are now available in lamps as the above photo!
It inspires for more from that amazing material in interior designs


Off & On

Color changing ceramic mugs, according to hot & cold drinks. Old idea in a new style
I loved the simplicity of the On & Off design :)


Screen Light

Pablo - Ventana Lamp is simple, practical & very nice!

Merry Christmas :)

Merry Christmas To YOU All My Friends

This was Painted with Light in a dark studio by a professional photographer

Found on Flickr



Milan's Shop Design

The above photos are for jeans shop opened recently in Milan called Meltin' Pot
Interior Design by Fabio Novembre
all I can say is Balisimo ;)


Designers Favorite Car

Mini Cooper is in fact the most desired car by design lovers ,so it's only natural for it to have special treatment from designers ;)
Check out it's new alloy rim designed by Maria Hellwig



Most Expensive Mobile Phone

OH MY GOD! now that's stupid!

(CNN) -- A Russian businessman has bought what is believed to be the world's most expensive cell phone.

The tycoon will be given the 1 million euro ($1.2 million) phone during the Millionaire's Fair at Cannes, France, on on Saturday, when the Guinness Book of World Records was to bestow the title of most expensive phone.

The "Piece Unique" handmade phone is constructed out of solid gold, is studded with diamonds and comes with a customized insurance policy.

The phone is one of three that have been produced by Swiss company GoldVish.

One of the phones has been bought by a businessman in Hong Kong, the other remains unsold.

To read more CLICK HERE