Time to personalize

This limited edition, decorative throw pillow collection is all about the details. Hand finished with great touches, including silk-screens taken from actual antique letters, rickrack embroidery and postal stamp appliques.



Amazing Duplex - For Birds & Fish ;-)

Duplex is an acquarium/cage favouring an improbable encounter between a bird and a fish. The aquarium is thermoformed so as to create a space where the bird can fly at the same visual level as the fish.

A surprising encouter that evokes the impossible fusion between the air and the waterworld


Round Modern Kitchen

How wonderful is that?! I'm not a kitchen person but after looking at this one, I am ready to learn! Round modern kitchen with smart setting of all equipments needed for a smaller space .. oh so beautiful :-)



Cube Table/Stool

Fantastic powder coated steel stool from Egawa+Zbryk
The simple shape & pattern is very clean & modern that makes it blend in any space, indoor & outdoor!


Louis Vuitton - Sprouse Collection <3

Painting the roses Red .. I love love loooove this collection so much, I think it's not only daring & brave, but also it sets the trend of pattern in a classic way <3


Silk Scarf Chair

Vintage silk designer scarves give high-profile treatment to a low-profile slipper chair. Sleek water jet cut 9" Lucite legs keep things light and modern. Each chair is individually engineered to the three scarves that make it up, so overall dimensions will vary. One leg features an etched signature. Chairs measure approximately 27"D, 32"H, seat height 12", seat area approximately 20" square.