Antique French Jeweled Crown

There are no words to describe the beauty of this !!
I simply will leave it to this LINK to do so!


Vitamin D(esign)

Long scarfs are now in fashion & I just love a nice print! so I found those heart warming designs from the fabulous Vitamin D


Found in Bahrain!

Genuine leather weaved chair available in Marina Furniture shop in Seef Mall.
So beautiful & comfortable


Tufted-Leather Chair

I couldn't find a clearer photo of this beautiful Tufted-Leather Chair by Brastilo
But here is the LINK to zoom in & see the lovely details.


Google Phone

Very cool phone by Google! but the question is : Is it gonna work on our network?! Who knows!


Floral Glass

Magnificent floral glass table designed by Patricia Urqiola for Kartell


Cool color, warm effect!

Using blue shades in interiors can give a cool feeling , but also can be too boring if used everywhere!

So, I found those ideas that will help highlight the blue color & warm it up at the same time.

When you surround blue with some shades of brown, red or yellow , you will get a great final result

LINK to more rooms

Made me smile :)

LINK to those lovely ceramic bird vases


The Black Book

OK! I really need one of those!
A lamp from the outside that looks like a classic black book from the top - a digital clock from the side & when you open it you will have multi sockets! All in one! FANTASTIC


My Design Corner

I was & still under the weather these past few days ,so I locked my self up in my room & started to do my assignments ! oh yes & my cat was helping me focus ;)
Have a productive weekend my friends ;)