Back to Wallpaper!

Yep! Wallpapers are back big time. Only now, we know how & where to use it better. In the past we used to cover the full house!! Now , one wall is more than enough! We can even use it in smaller spaces, like; behind shelfs, inside cabinets or even to cover columns with it! The variety of wallpapers now are huge, many designs & textures to choose from, better quality to live longer & resist the humidity in the walls & easier to apply :)

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Play Table ;)

Slide Puzzle game table top, hides 16 storage boxes in every missing piece you slide!

Fun :)



The Cutest Thing EVER!!

My fabulous friend Mizuha had this photo on her flickr account. As soon I saw it I totally fell in LOVE , not only with her cute cat Pokke, but also with the cat shaped cat bed!!
If you want to get one for your fluffy friend CLICK HERE ;)
Thank you so much Mizuha for allowing me to use your photo & for giving me the source too :)


Oh! This designer is amazing!! I'm so happy to finally know his work of art, every item looks so simple yet with a nice hidden idea behind it.

Olivier Gregoire designs


Sofa style bench with a design twist :)


Is that a nice idea?

Fendi's new idea : Paint your own bag!! A set of markers with a plain bag packed together in a gift box.
Is that a good thing for the brand? I'm not sure if i do like it or not! What do you think?


Coffee Tables

Collection of designer coffee tables from Deeply Madly Living :)



I see arabic word!

I looked at this gorgeous bookshelf cabinet - designed by Karin Mannerstål - & found my self reading it! Do you see it?
It gave me this nice idea - personalizing book shelfs ! It would be so much fun :)
You can do it with logos for companies & for homes with your family name. One thing though, keep it Arabic! because the Arabic letters are beautiful for shapes & forms.


Tips for Office Interior Planning

What you see here is the traditional setting to any office space - as long as you have two walls! This plan is safe & can be creative & attractive if you choose to do one or two of the followings:

1- Change the color of the back wall (the one behind your desk) by painting it or even better by wallpapering it: Adding texture & color of your choice in only ONE wall, will frame the space beautifully & it will be the starting point to design the full room.

2- Choose a simple desk that matches your needs & doesn't take much space.

3- Try to be brave with colors, but only by using accessories NOT fixed items, so you can remove them & change them whenever you like easily.

4- The Office Chair : Invest in this item as much as you can & buy a chair with a thin back (Padded leather chairs looks comfortable & feels that only in the first 40 minutes) & you must have a high quality mechanism in it's movement.

My dear Jaw ElMasha3er, I hope that the above info will help you design your new office & if you need more help, let me know :)





FOR SALE - Hand Cut Crystals

Those above beautiful hand cut crystal vases (Just arrived) are available only with me in Bahrain :) One of a kind & very high quality. If anyone interested; please let me know. I am selling them in GREAT prices.