LOOOOL! Perfect solution for people who are forgetful
My brother Jamal would need one of those ;)



Just a Bulb!

Melissa Borrell's design of the above bulb will make a great change in modern lighting. As there will be no need to hide it under big shades & cover it up with other materials , it can be visible & still contribute in the interior design of the space. I love the simplicity of it.



Till we meet again

Must read this:

"Till We Meet Again"

This chair challenge one of the basic idea of chairs, the fact that you can sit on it. On first glance this chair seems to be unstable, but once sited, you'll find it very comfortable and stable.

This notion was created using a simple act of design - separating the seat and backrest. This creates havoc in our perception of this chair as a sitable on.
This piece was covered in ID magazine as part of it's cover story about UMAMY, and since than has been shown in numerous magazines and newspapers.

NOW that's my friends is the deference between designer work & others! It's not just Art, It's also science!



Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Or maybe - mirror mirror in the room ;)
Mirror furnitures are IN - Big time
I love these furniture, but not to use too many in the same space.
The Mirror cabinet from the beautiful Laura Ashley collection, would do the trick ;)



Loving moooi

Moooi projects are getting more & more interesting - The products they design are also got a great function by renewing their selfs with out loosing the actual shape & body of the design.
to see the Sofa Video that I LOOOOOVED (CLICK HERE)


*Natural* Is your favorite colors in Interiors

Poll closed with 52% of the votes to favor the Natural style & colors of interiors, then 28% of votes to the Dramatic colors & the last choice was the Metallic with 19% of the votes !
Will, the people have spoken ;)

I will keep in mind those numbers when I select things to put up here - Maybe I can add new ideas to the classic natural tones of interiors that people mostly like & give them more choices with the traditional planning of the room.

For now, I thank you for voting & give you some photos of the classical & traditional French styles that I too like :)