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Window in the Studio, Vincent van Gogh


Vincent suffered an attack of his illness so severe that he was too weak to work out of doors for a while. During that period, he made several drawings of the interior of the psychiatric hospital in Saint-Rémy.

This one shows the room he used as a studio: ‘I have a little room […]. With this – as there are more than 30 empty rooms – I have another room in which to work’, he wrote two weeks after his arrival.

The barred window looked out over the walled garden. Pots and bottles stand on the windowsill, and there are boxes with paintbrushes sticking out on a table or chest on the right. Several of Van Gogh’s own paintings hang either side of the window. They are so sketchily drawn, however, that we cannot identify them.

Van Gogh began by setting out his design in black chalk, before developing the drawing further using thinned oil paint and a little watercolour. He left the paper visible between the bars and the blue of the sky, which adds depth to the scene.


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